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zendit Production Checklist

Checklist for promoting your account to production

Are you ready to move into production? Dust off your credit or debit card and follow this checklist to make sure you’re ready to start selling.

  1. Test your integration in the test mode environment and make sure to handle all the failure cases correctly.
  2. Setup IP whitelists for your production environment (see the security section.)
  3. Click the slider from the test mode environment and it will start the upgrade process.
  4. When filling out your user and business information and accepting the Terms and Conditions, note that you have 3 options for what to do with your production catalog.
    1. Option 1 – Enable everything. This option will turn all products in the catalog to enabled and as new products are added to zendit, they will be available for sale by default
    2. Option 2 – Decide later. This option will disable all products in the catalog and allow you to curate your catalog after you’ve moved to production. Any new products added to zendit will be disabled in your account by default.
    3. Option 3 – Keep your setup from test mode. If you’ve already curated your catalog and have everything setup just the way you want it, we won’t touch your catalog during the upgrade process. Any new products added to zendit will be disabled in your account by default.
  5. Click the next button to proceed.
  6. All zendit accounts in production mode must use multi factor authentication and must have SMS available as one of those factors. If you already set this up when registering your account, you can review that your settings are correct and proceed. If you didn’t set it up yet, you’ll be required to setup your multifactor authentication and verify your phone before you can proceed. When finished, click the next button.
  7. Grab your credit or debit card, it’s time to setup a source for funding your wallet (no gift cards please!) After entering the details and setting the billing address (if it’s different from the business address you setup earlier, hit the Complete Setup button. We’ll check that your credit card is valid and authorize $1 to verify it’s usable (don’t worry, we give that back once the card is verified).
  8. If you made it through all these steps, you now have all the zendit rights and privileges to start selling products. We’ll toss up a screen allowing you to add funds to your account to cover the costs of products you sell, your shiny new production API key and a reminder about keeping your site secure if you forgot to setup IP Whitelists.
  9. Now plunk that production API key into your configuration, set your application to point at the the production api server and deploy to your production environment.

One closing note, we’re continuing to improve our products and if you change your mind about how you want new products added to zendit to be treated, we’ll be rolling out a toggle on the API settings section soon allowing you to disable or enable new products by default. We’ll broadcast an alert when we roll that out.