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Meet the founding team behind Zendit

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What we’ve achieved

Zendit is committed to our customers. We've taken your advice and brought the students and young professionals of the world the email they need.

Powered by Microsoft

We're excited to be partnered with Microsoft to migrate & deeply integrate Zendit into Microsoft's cloud infrastructure with the help of their highly skilled technical team. We are excited for increased cross-selling opportunities alongside other verified partners. Special thanks to Microsoft's LATAM team is in order!

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Zendit for Businesses

Zendit is proud to announce the expansion of our services beyond the student and young professionals that have acted as early adopters. Corporate pilots have launched ahead of schedule with official release scheduled for Q3 of this year!

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IE Business School Competition

Zendit brought home 1st place in the Alumni category at the renowned IE Business School Startup competition very early on. At the time of our first beta phases, IE's startup ecosystem was the perfect place to iterate and improve our product.

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Zendit for Startups

We're thrilled to bring the lessons we've learned to the next wave of startups looking to make a difference. From cloud infrastructure to DevOps best practices, helping a select group of young companies pave the way for the New Normal is an important part of what we do.

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