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Offer Crypto-to-Gift Card Conversion and Mobile Top-Up capabilities

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Unlocking Possibilities in the Crypto World

zendit’s prepaid products can offer the crypto industry innovative solutions for loyalty and rewards programs, enabling companies to directly reward users with mobile top-ups, data bundles, prepaid utilities, and eGifts. Additionally, integrating eSIM services provides a unique proposition for enhancing global connectivity for crypto users, fostering a more connected and incentivized community.

Crypto-to-Gift Card Conversion and Mobile Top-Up capabilities enable crypto users to directly convert their digital currencies into practical, everyday value like gift cards and mobile credit. This functionality can significantly enhance the utility of cryptocurrencies by allowing users to easily spend their assets on a wide range of goods and services, bridging the gap between digital currency and traditional spending methods.

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Key zendit features

Crypto-to-Gift Card Conversion

Unlock the potential of your crypto assets with zendit’s seamless conversion, offering versatile gift card options.

Mobile Top-Ups and Data Bundle Conversion

Enhance the utility of your crypto assets with zendit, allowing effortless transformation into mobile top-ups and data bundles.

Immediate Digital Gift Card Issuance

Enjoy instant gratification with zendit’s swift delivery, eliminating traditional bank processing times.

Cost Savings and Reduced Fees

Optimize your financial strategy with zendit, minimizing fees associated with traditional financial institutions during the funding process.

Robust Security

Prioritize the safety and security of your financial transactions with state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring peace of mind throughout your interactions.

Effortless Crypto Spending

Simplify your spending experience with zendit, providing a seamless path for utilizing digital gift cards.

eSIMs can enhance the crypto industry by facilitating secure and seamless global connectivity.

eSIMs can enhance the crypto industry by facilitating secure and seamless global connectivity for users who need reliable internet access for trading and managing cryptocurrencies.

This technology can support mobile banking and wallet apps, ensuring users stay connected to their assets anywhere in the world without the hassle of traditional SIM cards, enhancing the appeal of crypto platforms for a mobile-first global audience.

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Benefits of zendit platform

With zendit, global prepayments are not just a click but a simple integration away.

Global Catalog Access

Explore an updated and diverse product range.

Scalable API

Effortlessly handles large volumes of requests.

Reporting and analytics

Personalize both appearance and functionality.

User friendly workflow

Designed for an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

Tailored white-label solution

Crafted for fintech and scalable startups.

Robust Security Measures

State of the art protocols for secure transactions.

Advanced Customization

Personalize both appearance and functionality.

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Some statistics

zendit presents many opportunities and features to our partners across the globe.

The global digital wallet market is projected to reach $3.1 trillion by 2025, driven by the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital payment methods

Source: Statista

The number of global cryptocurrency wallet users is expected to surpass 200 million by 2024, indicating the growing popularity of digital asset management

Source: Statista

Security concerns and the need for trusted platforms are crucial in managing digital assets. Reports of cryptocurrency theft and fraud highlight the importance of secure crypto wallet solutions

Source: Federal Trade Commission

The average daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies exceeds $100 billion, indicating the significant economic activity and demand for crypto wallet solutions

Source: CoinMarketCap

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