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Empower Your Business with zendit’s Global Prepayment Ecosystem

Welcome to zendit, where seamless integration meets versatile solutions for businesses across various industries. Our global prepayment ecosystem is designed to elevate your operations, providing a robust platform tailored for B2B excellence.

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Money Transfer Operations

Empowering Your Financial Ecosystem

As a money transfer operator, the seamless movement of funds is critical to your business. zendit’s API application integrates effortlessly with your platform, providing a robust solution for international transfers.

Enable your customers to send money globally in their preferred currency, enjoying the advantage of minimal fees. By leveraging zendit’s capabilities, your platform gains a competitive edge, offering secure, fast, and cost-effective international money transfer services.

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Government & NGO

Efficiency in Product Fulfillment for Regulated Entities

For governmental institutions and NGOs, efficient product fulfillment plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational objectives. zendit presents a unified platform designed to enhance collaboration and streamline product-related processes.

Experience the flexibility to customize product fulfillment processes according to your specific needs, fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented partnership. zendit empowers regulated entities to achieve their product-related goals with a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and compliance.

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NON profit organizations





Streamlining payment and donation processing for non-profit organizations is made easy with zendit.

By leveraging the potential of zendit’s API, you can effectively reduce the time and resources required for payment and donation management.

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Rewards & Incentives

Enhancing Loyalty with Diverse Rewards

Diversify your rewards program with zendit’s extensive array of gift cards and digital goods, in a catalog of 15.000 products. Elevate customer engagement by offering a wide variety of rewards, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Ensure global availability of gift cards and rewards, providing users with a seamless redemption experience. zendit simplifies the user-friendly redemption process, making it easy for users to enjoy their rewards promptly.

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your rewards and incentives programs with zendit’s analytics. While zendit provides visibility into purchases, integrators are encouraged to utilize additional analytics tools for comprehensive insights.

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By integrating zendit into your platform, you can elevate customer satisfaction and drive exponential business growth.

Additionally, the zendit API is developer-friendly, lightweight, and effortless to integrate, ensuring a seamless experience for your development team.

Moreover, you can enhance your business by leveraging detailed reporting and analytics for your rewards and incentives program, enabling you to gain valuable insights and optimize its performance.

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Banks & Neo Banks

Global Integration for NeoBank Advancement

In the dynamic landscape of banking services, embracing innovation is paramount. As a NeoBank, elevating your service offerings requires a strategic approach. Integrate seamlessly with zendit’s robust platform to expand your product catalog effortlessly.

With zendit, your NeoBank gains access to a comprehensive range of prepaid products, enhancing your value proposition. While we don’t provide traditional financial services, our platform acts as a facilitator, streamlining integration processes and enriching your service offerings. Enjoy a user-friendly experience, diverse services, and secure transactions, all while ensuring scalability to meet the evolving needs of your expanding customer base.

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Approach your customers in one convenient location, without any hassle or frustration.

zendit excels in offering seamless integration for neobanks, enriching service catalogs with a versatile array, including mobile top-ups, data bundles, and utility bill payments.

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Crypto Wallet

Unlocking Possibilities in the Crypto World

zendit opens the door to a world of possibilities by offering Crypto-to-Gift Card Conversion and Mobile Top-Up capabilities.

While zendit doesn’t directly accept crypto, our platform enables wallet providers to convert crypto to cash effortlessly. This facilitates the integration of versatile gift card options and the transformation of crypto assets into mobile top-ups and data bundles.

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Take your customer satisfaction to the next level

Enjoy the benefits of immediate digital gift card issuance, cost savings, and reduced fees. zendit ensures a secure crypto management experience, providing peace of mind throughout the conversion and spending process.

On top of that, comprehensive reporting and analytics give you the data you need, allowing you to make smarter decisions to maximize the success of your crypto wallet services.

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Super Apps

Transforming Super Apps into One-Stop Shops

For Super Apps aiming for comprehensive services, zendit provides a one-stop-shop integration that adds prepaid digital offerings seamlessly. While Super Apps handle the integration process, zendit ensures efficiency and a seamless user experience.

Prioritize user convenience by making it easy for users to access and use different services within the Super App. Enable cross-service promotions and marketing opportunities effortlessly, maximizing promotional impact.

Implement a unified user management system with zendit’s integration, streamlining administrative aspects for enhanced efficiency. zendit complements Super Apps, contributing to the transformation of your app into a unified and user-centric experience.

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Digital Nomads and Travel Agencies

eSIMs: A Game-Changer for the Travel Industry

Equip your travel business with zendit’s advanced eSIM technology – Our platform offers seamless integration of data-only eSIMs, designed to elevate your clients’ travel experiences to new heights.

Activate our eSIMs effortlessly via QR Code or manual input, ensuring a hassle-free process for your clients. Tailor data packages ranging from 1GB to 20GB, catering to journeys spanning from 7 to 30 days, providing precisely the connectivity they need.

Empower your clients with effortless data sharing across multiple devices through hotspots. With our eSIMs, they can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity while preserving their primary SIM for essential communications, offering unparalleled convenience throughout their travels.

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