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zendit marketing news
zendit Security Best Practices

Review the new security features and best practices to keep your integration secure and free of fraudulent transactions.

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zendit marketing news
TOTP Release!

zendit is updating the Multifactor Authentication to use TOTP codes.

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zendit marketing news
eSIM Product is Released!

zendit launches eSIM products. Get the details to get up and running with this new product!

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zendit marketing news
The new Analytics and Reports on zendit!

zendit is excited to roll out a new feature for analyzing and reporting transactions in our user console.

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zendit marketing news
Webhooks and Alerts are released!

Zendit is excited to add 2 new features for clients in our latest release; webhooks and alerts 🥳

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Mobile Top Ups

Enable your users to easily add credit to billions of mobile phone users worldwide.

Data bundles

Data Bundles

Offer customers the ability to purchase various data packages for their phones.

Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards

Allow users to purchase and send gift cards, also digital goods to others, internationally.

utility payments

Prepaid Utilities

Simplify the process of paying for prepaid utility bills, including electricity, gas, and more.


Offer data connection on every travel and let your customers to forget about roaming bills.

A unified platform offering micropayments, ready to be integrated  into your mobile or web application.

zendit revolutionizes global prepayments with our cloud-based Prepay-as-a-Service platform, designed for businesses of all sizes. From startups to global enterprises, we provide a scalable solution that simplifies access to the worldwide prepaid market.

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Global Prepayments.


Big or small, global or local

Our platform is perfectly tailored for companies of all sizes venturing into multiple markets, regardless of their growth stage. Also, it provides a seamless user experience and offers extensive customization options.

Onboarding in minutes

With no contracts, technical calls, or time zone restrictions, you can register your account in just minutes and seamlessly connect it to your platforms without any delays.

Global Prepaid Catalog

In minutes, access our live product catalog with thousands of global products and hundreds of local currencies.

Simple & Transparent

Pay-as-you-go billing, coupled with a contract-free approach, ensures a transparent cost structure for our services.

One Wallet. All Products

In just minutes, you can easily and conveniently access our live product catalog, which offers a wide array of global products and supports numerous local currencies.

Customize your Offers

Manage your product catalog effortlessly with a range of user-friendly customization and pricing tools. Also, streamline your operations and optimize your offerings for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our platform enables a super fast API integration, allowing companies to offer Mobile Top-ups, Data Bundles, Digital Gift Cards, eSims, and easy payment of essential utilities.

We make it easy for you.

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Designed for developers,

by developers

Our cloud-based API platform is specifically designed to make it easy for developers to integrate our services into their existing systems and technologies.

Get your script

We provide you scripts in many different languages that you can use and many other useful features your business needs.

Place it in your system

Whether it is a desktop app, or a mobile app, or even a PWA, doesn’t matter, our system will work on any environment.

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to learn.


to Master.

Learn everything you need to know, from a beginner to an expert.


With seamless scalability, our cloud-based platform caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.


Choose from a variety of integration options, including API, SDKs, No/Low code widgets, and plugins, to effortlessly incorporate our prepaid catalog into your existing systems and technologies.


With our implementation of state-of-the-art security measures, we guarantee the safety and security of all transactions conducted on our platform.


Our platform is hosted on a highly available and reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring both uptime and the availability of your prepaid payment options. Also, you can rely on our robust infrastructure to support your business needs effectively.


Designed to be a user-friendly and intuitive workflow, our platform offers powerful features and flexibility. Additionally, you have the option to create your own customized solution or leverage one of our pre-built solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Our platform provides detailed reporting and analytics, offering valuable insights that enable data-driven decisions to optimize your business operations.

A Faster Idea-to-Market Cycle

Accelerate your time to market and reduce operational costs with zendit`s API.

Discover the perfect use case for your business

Empower your business with zendit’s Global Prepayment Ecosystem

Money Transfer Operations

Banks & NeoBanks

Government & NGOs

Crypto Wallets

Rewards & Incentives

Super Apps

Travel & Hospitality

Empowering Your Financial Ecosystem

Enable your customers to send money globally in their preferred currency, enjoying the advantage of minimal fees.

By leveraging zendit’s capabilities, your platform gains a competitive edge, offering secure, fast, and cost-effective international money transfer services.

Global Integration for NeoBank Advancement

In the dynamic landscape of banking services, embracing innovation is paramount. As a NeoBank, elevating your service offerings requires a strategic approach. Integrate seamlessly with zendit’s robust platform to expand your product catalog effortlessly.

With zendit, your NeoBank gains access to a comprehensive range of prepaid products, enhancing your value proposition. While we don’t provide traditional financial services, our platform acts as a facilitator, streamlining integration processes and enriching your service offerings.

Efficiency in Product Fulfillment for Regulated Entities

For governmental institutions and NGOs, efficient product fulfillment plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational objectives. zendit presents a unified platform designed to enhance collaboration and streamline product-related processes.

Experience the flexibility to customize product fulfillment processes according to your specific needs, fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented partnership. zendit empowers regulated entities to achieve their product-related goals with a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and compliance.

Unlocking Possibilities in the Crypto World

As a crypto wallet provider, navigating the realm of digital assets requires flexibility and seamless integration. zendit opens the door to a world of possibilities by offering Crypto-to-Gift Card Conversion and Mobile Top-Up capabilities.

While zendit doesn’t directly accept crypto, our platform enables wallet providers to convert crypto to cash effortlessly. This facilitates the integration of versatile gift card options and the transformation of crypto assets into mobile top-ups and data bundles.

Enhancing Loyalty with Diverse Rewards

Ensure global availability of gift cards and rewards, providing users with a seamless redemption experience. zendit simplifies the user-friendly redemption process, making it easy for users to enjoy their rewards promptly.

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your rewards and incentives programs with zendit’s analytics. While zendit provides visibility into purchases, integrators are encouraged to utilize additional analytics tools for comprehensive insights.

Transforming Super Apps into One-Stop Shops

For Super Apps aiming for comprehensive services, zendit provides a one-stop-shop integration that adds prepaid digital offerings seamlessly. While Super Apps handle the integration process, zendit ensures efficiency and a seamless user experience.

Implement a unified user management system with zendit’s integration, streamlining administrative aspects for enhanced efficiency. zendit complements Super Apps, contributing to the transformation of your app into a unified and user-centric experience.

Global Connectivity for the Modern Traveler

Equip your travel business with zendit’s advanced eSIM technology – Our platform offers easy-to-integrate, data-only eSIMs, perfect for enhancing your clients’ travel experiences.

Easy Activation, Tailored Data Options – Activate our eSIMs smoothly with a QR Code or manual method. Customize data packages between 1GB and 20GB, suitable for journeys of 7 to 30 days, to precisely match your clients’ requirements.

Effortless Travel Connectivity for Your Clients – Facilitate seamless data sharing on multiple devices using hotspots. With our eSIMs, clients can maintain their primary SIM for essential communications while accessing specialized data services.


We’ve rolled out analytics for sales reports, and it comes with the added feature of dashboard customization.

As of today, you have the power to tailor your charts using the console, providing insightful statistics for your business.

For a deeper dive into this feature, head over to our zendit developers page. Make sure to explore the details!

Profitability Report

Sort by date, product and analyze your profits along with your system.

System metrics

Sort by date, product and analyze your profits along with your system.


Sort by date, product and analyze your profits along with your system.

Product Ranking

Sort by date, product and analyze your profits along with your system.


Check out zendit user guide to learn more about reports.

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You don’t like some charts but would like to have others? Customize your dashboard 🥳


North America

Latin America


Worldwide View

See which regions are more profitable

Fits your needs

We are adding new and additional charts constantly.













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