The Future of Email.

Zendit takes your current email and turns it into a WhatsApp-style experience fit for the 21st century.

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Conversational Email

Choose what contacts to view as a chat so you can focus on what matters, building relationships.

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Smart Files

Our algorithm automatically organizes your files by contact for easy access. Never waste time on files again.

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Task Management

Your inbox is a list of tasks you can never keep up with. Add tasks to your board directly from emails.

Humanize your inbox

Threads are so difficult to follow that conversations don't flow. Pull your most important contacts out of the noise into your VIP inbox. Ditch traditional email and discover a new approach to email that puts people first.

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Your files in seconds

Stop looking for lost files and attachments. We've got you covered. Zendit comes with automatic file organization, saving time & boosting your productivity.

What gets tracked, gets done

Your inbox already contains your daily to-dos and meetings. Create tasks directly from emails & join calls at the click of button. Never look up annoying links and old email to-dos again.

Our users love us.

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It's like WhatsApp but for your email. I love the product, it simply makes my life easier. This is how email is supposed to be.

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Using Zendit has changed the way I communicate with my professors and other students. It has even changed how I manage assignments. It is the perfect tool for organizing my schedule, I wouldn't know what to do without Zendit!

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Zendit is saving email, it's giving generations that grew up on instant messaging a chance to have the inbox they want.

Join us on the journey toward the future of email.