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zendit is a cloud-based Prepay-as-a-Service platform that provides developers and entrepreneurs the tools to instantly access thousands of global prepaid products and easily engage billions of users worldwide.

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Mobile Top Ups

Enable your users to easily add credit and balances to billions of mobile phone users worldwide.

Data bundles

Data Bundles

Offers customers the ability to purchase various data packages for their phones.

Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards

Allows users to purchase and send gift cards or digital goods to others, internationally.

utility payments

Prepaid Utilities

Simplifies the process of paying for prepaid utility bills such as electricity, gas, etc.

Global Prepayments. Simplified.

Big or small, global or local

Our platform is perfect for companies of all sizes that are rapidly expanding into multiple markets, regardless of their stage of growth.

Onboarding in minutes

No Contracts. No technical calls. No time zones. No delays. Register your account in minutes and connect it to your platforms.

One Wallet. All Products

Simplify your payments process with a single wallet for all services, and fund it in multiple ways.

Global Prepaid Catalog

In minutes, access our live product catalog with thousands of global products and hundreds of local currencies.

Simple & Transparent

Pay-as-you-go billing, with no contracts required. Transparent cost structure.

Customize your Offers

Manage your product catalog with a range of simple and intuitive customization and pricing tools.

We enable businesses of all sizes to access prepaid products, helping them build innovative solutions that attract, engage, retain, and reward customers worldwide.

Unlock new, high-profit revenue opportunities by offering complementary products such as mobile top-ups, data bundles, gift cards, and prepaid utility payments to new or existing customers.

Our Prepaid-as-a-Service platform ensures seamless, quick, and hassle-free integration.

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Designed for developers, by developers

Improve cash flow, increase customer satisfaction, and potentially grow your revenue.

Our cloud-based platform is specifically designed to make it easy for developers to integrate our services into their existing systems and technologies.

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We provide you scripts in many different languages that you can use.

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Whether it is a desktop app, mobile app, or even a PWA, our system will work on any environment.

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var ZenditGatewayApi = require('zendit_gateway_api'); var defaultClient = ZenditGatewayApi.ApiClient.instance; // Configure API key authorization: ApiKey var ApiKey = defaultClient.authentications['ApiKey']; ApiKey.apiKey = "YOUR API KEY" // Uncomment the following line to set a prefix for the API key, e.g. "Token" (defaults to null) //ApiKey.apiKeyPrefix['Authorization'] = "Token" var api = new ZenditGatewayApi.ZenditApi() var data = ; // {Dto.TopupPurchaseMakeInput} Purchase input data var callback = function(error, data, response) { if (error) { console.error(error); } else { console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data); } }; api.v1TopupsPurchasesPost(data, callback);
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curl -X POST -H "Authorization: [[apiKey]]" "https://api.zendit.io/v1/topups/purchases"
Configuration *apiConfig = [Configuration sharedConfig]; // Configure API key authorization: (authentication scheme: ApiKey) [apiConfig setApiKey:@"YOUR_API_KEY" forApiKeyIdentifier:@"Authorization"]; // Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed //[apiConfig setApiKeyPrefix:@"Bearer" forApiKeyIdentifier:@"Authorization"]; Dto.TopupPurchaseMakeInput *data = ; // Purchase input data ZenditApi *apiInstance = [[ZenditApi alloc] init]; // Create transaction for purchase [apiInstance v1TopupsPurchasesPostWith:data completionHandler: ^(dto.TopupPurchaseResponse output, NSError* error) { if (output) { NSLog(@"%@", output); } if (error) { NSLog(@"Error: %@", error); } }];
using System; using System.Diagnostics; using IO.Swagger.Api; using IO.Swagger.Client; using IO.Swagger.Model; namespace Example { public class v1TopupsPurchasesPostExample { public void main() { // Configure API key authorization: ApiKey Configuration.Default.ApiKey.Add("Authorization", "YOUR_API_KEY"); // Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed // Configuration.Default.ApiKeyPrefix.Add("Authorization", "Bearer"); var apiInstance = new ZenditApi(); var data = new Dto.TopupPurchaseMakeInput(); // Dto.TopupPurchaseMakeInput | Purchase input data try { // Create transaction for purchase dto.TopupPurchaseResponse result = apiInstance.v1TopupsPurchasesPost(data); Debug.WriteLine(result); } catch (Exception e) { Debug.Print("Exception when calling ZenditApi.v1TopupsPurchasesPost: " + e.Message ); } } } }


Our cloud based platform can easily scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.


A wide range of options from API, SDKs to No/Low code widgets and plugins that can easily integrate our prepaid catalog with your existing systems and technologies.


We are built with state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and security of all transactions.


Hosted on a highly available and reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring uptime and availability of your prepaid payment options.


Designed to be a user-friendly and intuitive workflow without sacrificing powerful features and flexibility. Create your own customized solution or use one of our pre-built solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Our platform provides detailed reporting & analytics, giving you valuable insights enabling data-driven decisions to optimize your business.

A Faster Idea-to-Market Cycle

Accelerate your time to market and reduce operational costs with zendit.

Discover the perfect use case for your business

Money Transfer Operations

Easily transfer money abroad with our platform’s single wallet and flexible funding options.

Banks & NeoBanks

Integrate essential financial services seamlessly into your neobank platform with zendit.

Government & NGOs

Empower your citizens or beneficiaries by providing a unified platform for regulated institutions.

Crypto Wallets

Enhance your crypto wallet providing your customers with a trusted platform to manage their digital assets.

Rewards & Incentives

Boost customer engagement and loyalty, offering a variety of gift cards and digital goods, globally.

Super Apps

Transform your Super App into a one-stop-shop, integrating diverse services for an efficient customer experience.

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