March 28, 2024

Guide to integrating zendit’s API into your projects

Integrating zendit’s API into your website or application unlocks a world of possibilities, from enhancing connectivity with eSIMs to offering versatile mobile top-up options, digital gift cards and data bundles. This guide provides you with a step-by-step approach to accessing and integrating zendit’s APIs, including tips for a smooth experience.

Before diving into the technical integration, familiarize yourself with zendit’s range of services. zendit provides APIs for a variety of solutions such as mobile top-ups, data bundles, digital gift cards, prepaid utilities, and eSIMs, catering to different customer needs across over 170 countries.

Create an Account on

Your journey with zendit begins by creating an account on our platform. The registration process grants you access to a dashboard that serves as the command center for your integration process.

  • Dashboard Overview: Once logged in, you’re greeted with an insightful dashboard showcasing wallet balance, best-selling countries and regions, and current trends.
  • Product Catalog: Access to an extensive catalog of over 15,000 products, neatly categorized by country, region, brand, benefits, costs, and FX rates. This vast selection allows you to tailor your offerings to meet the diverse needs of your audience.
  • Wallet Management: A detailed view of your wallet, including current balance and transaction history, offers a clear financial overview. Keep an eye on your finances directly from your dashboard. This real-time financial tracking is essential for managing your operations smoothly.
  • Sales Reports and Trends: Comprehensive sales reports allow you to monitor your transactions on an annual, quarterly, monthly basis, including detailed insights into product performance. Use the sales report feature to identify which products are your top performers, enabling you to optimize your offerings based on actual sales data.
  • Customization and Settings: Tailor your integration with customizable API and security settings, and access a dedicated test environment to refine your integration before going live.

Integrating zendit’s API

After familiarizing yourself with the dashboard and configuring your account settings, the next step is to begin the actual API integration. While specific code snippets and technical details are beyond the scope of this guide, here are general steps and tips to ensure a smooth integration:

  • Documentation: Start with zendit’s comprehensive API documentation. It provides all the necessary technical details, including request/response formats, authentication mechanisms, and endpoint descriptions.
  • Security Practices: Pay close attention to the security best practices recommended by zendit. Secure your API keys, employ robust authentication methods, and ensure data encryption to protect sensitive information.
  • Testing and Development: Utilize zendit’s test environment to conduct thorough testing of your integration. This sandbox environment is designed to simulate real-world transactions without impacting your wallet or live data.
  • Scalability and Performance: Consider the scalability of your integration. zendit’s APIs are designed to handle large volumes of requests efficiently, but it’s important to plan for potential growth in usage to maintain performance levels.
  • Support and Resources: Should you encounter any challenges during integration, zendit offers extensive support resources, including technical guides, FAQs, and direct support from our development team.

Integrating zendit’s APIs into your projects opens a world of opportunities for enhancing your applications or services with a wide range of digital prepayments and connectivity solutions. By following the steps outlined in this guide, from account setup to API integration and testing, you’re well on your way to offering your users a richer, more connected experience.

What is next?

After going live with zendit’s API integration, users can harness the full spectrum of functionalities and benefits that zendit offers.

Here’s an overview of what users can do:

Launch New Services or Products – With the integration complete, businesses can now launch new services or products enabled by zendit’s APIs. Whether it’s global mobile top-ups, data bundles, eSIM services, or digital gift cards, companies can expand their offerings significantly.

Access Real-Time Analytics – zendit provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. After going live, users can track their transactions, monitor sales trends, and analyze the performance of different products or services in real-time. This data is crucial for making informed decisions and strategizing future growth.

Leverage Global Catalog Access – Users can explore and utilize zendit’s global catalog of over 15,000 products. This allows businesses to cater to a wide array of customer needs and preferences across different regions and countries, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding market reach.

Customize User Experience – Based on feedback and analytics, businesses can further customize the user experience on their platforms. This includes personalizing the services offered, optimizing the user interface for better engagement, and refining product selections to better meet customer demands.

Expand Market Reach – With zendit’s support for a vast network of operators and service providers across over 170 countries, businesses can significantly expand their market reach. They can tap into new geographies with minimal barriers, offering their products and services to a global audience.

Integrating with zendit’s APIs and going live marks the beginning of a new chapter your businesses can innovate, expand, and optimize offerings.

Start selling with zendit.

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