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 zendit provides a one-stop-shop integration that adds prepaid digital offerings really easy

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Transforming Super Apps into One-Stop Shops

zendit can empower Super Apps by integrating a wide array of financial and telecommunication services, such as money transfers, mobile top-ups, digital gift cards, prepaid utilities, and eSIMs. This integration can help Super Apps to become more comprehensive platforms, offering users a one-stop-shop for their digital needs, enhancing user engagement, and increasing the value proposition of the app.

Integrating zendit into a Super App can significantly enhance its functionality by adding seamless money transfer services, enabling users to purchase digital gift cards, and facilitating mobile phone top-ups directly within the app.

This integration not only improves the user experience by offering a broader range of services in a single platform but also increases user engagement and retention, making the Super App a more valuable and indispensable tool in users’ daily lives.

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Key zendit features

User Convenience

Prioritize user convenience with zendit, ensuring easy access and utilization of various services within the Super App.

One-Stop-Shop Integration

Enhance your Super App’s offerings with zendit, contributing to the transformation of your app into a one-stop-shop for user convenience.

Customizable Solutions

Whether it’s integrating payment services, financial management tools, or reward programs, our platform adapts to your requirements.

Advanced Analytics

Insights into user behavior, usage patterns, and engagement levels optimize user experiences, and drive growth.

Efficiency and Seamless Experience

Elevate user experience with zendit’s integration, ensuring an efficient and seamless transition between services.

Unified User Management

Simplify user management with zendit’s Integration, streamlining administrative aspects for enhanced efficiency.

Allow users to switch between networks or manage multiple accounts with zendit eSIMs

zendit’s eSIM technology can significantly benefit the Super App industry by enabling users to effortlessly switch between networks or manage multiple accounts within a single device, ideal for travel or international use.

This enhances the app’s value proposition by offering comprehensive connectivity solutions, making it a go-to platform for users’ communication, financial, and lifestyle needs, thereby driving further engagement and loyalty.

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Benefits of zendit platform

With zendit, global prepayments are not just a click but a simple integration away.

Global Catalog Access

Explore an updated and diverse product range.

Scalable API

Effortlessly handles large volumes of requests.

Reporting and analytics

Personalize both appearance and functionality.

User friendly workflow

Designed for an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

Tailored white-label solution

Crafted for fintech and scalable startups.

Robust Security Measures

State of the art protocols for secure transactions.

Advanced Customization

Personalize both appearance and functionality.

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Some statistics

zendit presents many opportunities and features to our partners across the globe.

The global Super Apps market is expected to reach $300 billion by 2025, driven by the increasing demand for multifunctional and integrated mobile applications

Source: World Bank

Super Apps witness higher user engagement, with an average of 4 times more daily active users compared to single-function apps

Source: Research and Markets

Super Apps have an average user retention rate of 43%, which is significantly higher compared to single-function apps

Source: ACI Worldwide

87% of smartphone users globally have at least one Super App installed on their devices

Source: Statista

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