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June 27, 2023

Simplifying Remittances: How zendit Empowers Global Financial Inclusion

Remittances play a vital role in supporting families and driving economic growth worldwide. zendit, a cloud-based Prepay-as-a-Service platform, is revolutionizing the remittance landscape by providing developers and entrepreneurs with powerful tools to facilitate seamless and secure financial transactions.

With zendit, individuals can effortlessly access mobile top-ups, purchase data bundles, send digital gift cards, and simplify prepaid utility payments.

Let’s explore how zendit is making a positive impact on remittances in some of the most remittance-reliant countries worldwide.

  • India: Remittances to India have consistently been significant, with millions of non-resident Indians (NRIs) supporting their families back home. zendit’s platform enables developers also entrepreneurs to integrate mobile top-up services, allowing NRIs to conveniently add credit to billions of mobile phone users in India. This empowers families to stay connected and meet their communication needs effortlessly.
    Statistics: According to the World Bank, India received approximately $83 billion in remittances in 2020, making it the top remittance-receiving country globally.
  • Mexico: Mexico is another country heavily reliant on remittances, particularly from the United States. With zendit’s platform, developers and entrepreneurs can offer users the ability to send money, purchase digital gift cards, and simplify prepaid utility payments for families in Mexico. This streamlines financial transactions and enhances convenience for both senders and receivers.
    Statistics: In 2020, Mexico received an estimated $43 billion in remittances, contributing significantly to the country’s economy.
  • Philippines: The Philippines has a vast overseas Filipino population, and remittances are a crucial lifeline for many families. zendit’s platform enables developers and entrepreneurs to integrate mobile top-ups and digital gift cards, empowering users to provide financial support and send thoughtful gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines.
    Statistics: In 2020, the Philippines received approximately $34 billion in remittances, playing a vital role in the country’s economy and household finances.
  • Nigeria: Nigeria is a prominent remittance-receiving country in Africa, with a significant diaspora spread across the globe. zendit’s platform offers developers and entrepreneurs the ability to facilitate mobile top-ups, data bundles, and prepaid utility payments, simplifying the financial lives of Nigerian families.
    Statistics: In 2020, Nigeria received around $17 billion in remittances, contributing to the country’s economic development and poverty reduction efforts.

zendit’s cloud-based Prepay-as-a-Service platform is empowering global financial inclusion by simplifying remittances and enhancing convenience for individuals in remittance-reliant countries.

By integrating mobile top-ups, data bundles, digital gift cards, and prepaid utility payments, developers and entrepreneurs can facilitate seamless financial transactions, allowing individuals to send and receive money effortlessly.

With zendit, the power of technology is harnessed to support families, promote economic growth, and foster global connectivity.

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